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home energy inspection stand alone $ 50

$  50



The energy inspection is a visual inspection of the home/building, after which the client will be provided with a report accessible online. The inspector conducts a brief walk-through of the home, collects approximately 40 pieces of data related to energy, and uses an energy calculator to:


- estimate the energy use of a specific home/building


- identify strategies to improve energy efficiency


- develop recommendations for energy improvements

The report contains information about the efficiency of major systems in the home and recommendations for energy upgrades. The recommendations, energy costs, and energy savings are general estimates based on national installation cost averages for specific energy improvement and state average utility costs. The report only considers the home/building's fixed attributes and applies standard assumptions about occupants' behaviour.


The site used to generate the report is powered by Berkley Lab's Home Energy Saverâ„¢ calculation engine, but is not endorsed or certified by Berkeley Lab. User data collected by Berkeley Lab will be treated according to the HES privacy policy and will only be shared with the entity that originally submitted the data via the API data exchange process (i.e. the program or website you are currently using).

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