Porch $100 in voucher for handyman services

You get for FREE the complimentary Porch Home Assistant Gold ($350/yr value) that includes $100 voucher for handyman services.


The model and serial number of each appliance will be inserted in a system that tracks the recalls which have ever occured for that specific appliance. You will receive a monthly email with recall update. If any of your appliance is under recall, the manufacturer has to fix or change them for free. You can login to the system and insert new appliances as well.

90-Day Warranty

The appliances that were deemed functional during the inspection and are not working when you enter your home for the first time, will be under 90-day warranty. Check out limitations and rules.

Binder and Maintenance Book

You will receive a binder which contains a printed copy of the inspection report and a home maintenance book. Using the binder will help you maintain your new house, monitor the conditions and save energy.

FREE energy inspection

Every home inspection comes with a FREE energy inspection. We will collect information through the house and insert the data in a software that will generate a report which will help you decide what upgrades are worthwhile and which have a lower return on investment